enum XmBindIdErrorCode

BindId Client SDK error codes.

Enumeration Cases

public SdkNotInitialized

Attempt to call SDK functionality without proper SDK initialization.

public InvalidConfig

SDK initialized with an invalid configuration.

public InvalidResponse

Returned when a response does not match an expected result.

public AccessDenied

Returned when authentication was cancelled or rejected.

public ServerError

Returned when an internal server error occurred during the process.

public UserCanceled

(Mobile Only) Returned when the user cancels the alert asking for permission to login to this app, or dismisses the view controller for loading the authentication webpage.

public PlatformError

(Mobile Only) Platform-specific errors (like a valid presentationContextProvider was not found when -start was called.

Ensure this property was not nil when -start was called.)

public InternetConnection

(Mobile Only) No internet connection.