The BindID SDK is a JavaScript client SDK that allows invoking the OIDC-based authentication process. When invoked, the client SDK builds the OIDC authorization request and instructs the user-agent to submit it. This initiates a BindID authentication process by loading an OIDC IDP web application. Once the authentication is successfully completed, the IDP page issues a redirect of the user-agent to the redirect URI that was provided by the client as part of the authentication request (which must correspond to one of the URIs provided to BindID during enrollment). The redirect URI should use the client SDK to process the redirect response by extracting the authorization code that it contains so that it can be exchanged for an OIDC ID token using a backend API.

The entry point to the BindID SDK API is set as the window.XmBindId property once the SDK is loaded by a webpage. This property points to an object that implements the XmBindIDSdk interface.