Shared parameters for a BindID request configuration.

@objc(XmBindIdRequest) public class XmBindIdRequest: NSObject, Codable


Codable, NSObject



URL to which BindID will redirect on process completion, to convey results back to the calling application.

var redirectUri: String!


Optional. A nonce value to be included in the generated ID Token. This is typically provided by the application backend, and can be used to ensure at the backend that the authentication response corresponds to a specific request issued by the application.

var nonce: String?


Optional. A state value to be included in the BindID response issued through redirect. This is typically generated at the front-end, and verified at the front-end upon processing the redirect. This ensures that the redirect request corresponds to the BindID authentication request.

var state: String?


Optional. A set of BindID scopes that will include additional information in the result claims. If not provided, only 'Openid' scope is sent

var scope: [XmBindIdScopeType]?


A collection of verifications to try and execute for this request. It is not guaranteed that each requested verification will be fulfilled. The acr claim of the resulting access token should be examined to determine which verifications were fulfilled.

var verifications: [XmRequiredVerifications]?


Optional. A custom message to present as part of the authentication context detail screen.

var customMessage: String?


Indicates if the BindID request will initiate a PKCE flow. In that case, the SDK will generate a code challenge using the S256 hashing algorithm and return the code verifier that can be used for a token exchange. Default is True.

var usePkce: Bool!


A flag indicates whether the authentication request should be encrypted.

var encrypted: Bool?