Welcome to the future of customer authentication—strong, portable authentication across all your channels.

What is BindID?

The BindID service is an app-less, strong portable authenticator offered by Transmit Security. BindID uses FIDO-based biometrics for secure, frictionless, and consistent customer authentication. With one click to create new accounts or sign into existing ones, BindID eliminates passwords and the inconveniences of traditional credential-based logins.

BindID is a great solution for various use cases, including:

  • Passwordless authentication for web and mobile applications.
  • User authentication for call centers, IVR, and voice assistance.
  • Frictionless new account opening.
  • Secure verification for infrequent users.

Authentication and Trust

Combining device-based FIDO biometrics with the OpenID Connect (OIDC) protocol, BindID provides a secure and easy-to-deploy authentication process that can be used for any app, in any channel.

Here's how it works:

  1. User performs an action that requires authentication (such as login).
  2. User executes an authentication process with BindID—which may also include registering to BindID, registering a strong authenticator (e.g., FIDO2 biometrics), and additional data verifications (e.g., SMS OTP).
  3. Upon successful authentication, you receive user metadata—which provides user profile info, provides trust indicators, and reflects all their known devices across all providers that use BindID.
  4. If needed, you perform your own additional authentication for the user (e.g., for new users), and report this back to BindID, along with a user alias that represents a user in your system.