Platform Support

Supported Desktop Platforms

BindID allows executing authentication processes on the following desktop platforms:

PlatformBrowserVersion Support PolicyComments
Windows 7 Latest SP Only 
Windows 7ChromeLatest Available + Previous version 
Windows 7FirefoxLatest Available + Previous version 
Windows 7Edge ChromiumLatest Available 
Windows 7IEVersion 11 
Windows 10 Latest Build Only 
Windows 10ChromeLatest Available + Previous version 
Windows 10FirefoxLatest Available + Previous version 
Windows 10Edge ChromiumLatest Available 
Windows 10IEVersion 11 
macOS Latest 3 versions 
macOSSafariLatest supported version on OS Platform 
macOSChromeCurrent Stable + Previous version 
macOSFirefoxCurrent Stable + Previous version 
macOSEdge ChromiumLatest Available 

Supported Mobile Platforms

Appless mobile authentication supports the following mobile platforms:

PlatformBrowserVersion Support PolicyComments
Android 4 latest versions (e.g 7-11) 
AndroidChromeLatest Available 
AndroidSamsung BrowserLatest AvailableNo FIDO2 Support
AndroidUC BrowserLatest AvailableNo FIDO2 Support
iOSSafari2 latest versions, 2 latest minors of latest version 
iOSChromeLatest AvailableNo FIDO2 Support