Request Transaction Signing

The BindID transaction signing request initiates a flow that requests approval for a transaction and then authenticates the user. Once the BindID SDK is initialized, you can invoke a transaction signing process programmatically by using the signTransaction() SDK method (see the API reference). This will redirect if successful; otherwise, it will fail.

Here is an example of invoking the signTransaction() SDK method, where encryption is requested by default:

function invokeBindId() {
redirectUri: '',
scope: [window.XmBindId.XmBindIdScopeType.Phone,window.XmBindId.XmBindIdScopeType.Email],
verifications: [window.XmBindId.XmRequiredVerifications.Phone, window.XmBindId.XmRequiredVerifications.Email],
otherLoginOptions: {
title: 'More ways to verify',
url: ''
customMessage: 'Approve Payment',
transactionSigningData: {
displayData: {
payee: 'Acme',
paymentAmount: '$100.00',
paymentMethod: 'Acme Card'
essential: true
}).then(res => {
}, err => {